le clos red stones breathe, move, discover: haute-loire is your new playground

This list is only an overview of the possibilities offered by our Department.
If you want to guide you to other activities do not hesitate to contact your hosts.

Haute-loire: land of hiking

The geographical situation of the clos of the red stones: at the crossroads of the path of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, picturesque gorges of the Allier and the road of the beast of Gevaudan is in the asset for our guests.
They can indeed, exploring our beautiful scenery on the hiking trails departing from their rooms leaving guided by our maps and our advice without taking the car.

Change of air

The living water

You'll practice the saint privat d'Allier canyon and rafting in Monistrol to combine respectively 3 and 8 Km from your accommodation.

Raft and canyon

The golf of le puy en velay

Located on the heights of the town Ponote, le-Puy-en-Velay golf, will surprise you by the quality of the panorama.
This magnificent 9-hole 3019 m by 36, with its natural roughs and rosters of volcanic stones, will be of interest any type of players, from beginners to advanced.



Walk or hike, we invite you to take the time to appreciate the multiple decorations that make up the Haute-loire: large wilderness, rolling plains, deep forests, characteristic villages, medieval remains, rivers and rus to tumultuous and limpid waters, sunsets. You will be delighted

Mountain bike tours

For energetic holidays

Fun in the snow

Les Estables station is located at 50 Km of the clos de red stones.
You can practice Alpine skiing background, Snowkiting, snowboarding, sledding, paragliding of snow and of course the racket


The tourist train of the gorges of the allier

Between Langeac (Haute-Loire) and Langogne (Lozère) open wild gorges that no road runs alongside. Only the line of the Cevennes is spawning a passage close to the meandering of the river.

This little corner of unspoilt nature tempts you? So, leave your car at the parking lot and climb aboard the Train Touristique des Gorges de l'Allier. Its top speed does not exceed the 70 km/h and often falls to 30 see 10 km/h to the approach of the most beautiful sites. Before your eyes: a parade of landscapes shaped by water and volcanoes.

Relax, the tourist train takes care of everything. It takes you on the beaches where it makes good to bathe, to the discovery of good tables, or departing from small hikes.

The gorges de l'Allier more closely

Tourism Asin

Discovery and rental of donkeys on the road to Stevenson and St-Jacques-de-Compostelle


They are virtuous
They are sad
Their grace is made of abandonment
They have the long hair of the artists
Who live like them, Thistles
Their solitary existence
Lack of glory and pageantry
Frustrated and Yahoos, no mystery
Philosopher without embarrassment
They chuckle of our skulls tunes
Taking as it comes
They confess that they are donkeys
We do not dare do the same. And this is not McDonald that would tell us the opposite..

Information and reservation

Equestrian tourism

The equestrian center to the Lair of Bona at 800 m of your room you will discover horseback riding our most beautiful landscapes.

We can if you want to arrange the booking of your ride.

horseback riding!


With our children at our walks, we were accompanied by the singing of birds, the scent of flowers, hay freshly cut in summer and the sound of the snow under our feet in winter.
We went never empty-handed: mushrooms, wild strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other hazelnut composed a fabulous treasure that we diligently into a hearty snack that give us the energy expended during our walks.
Come share with us these simple pleasures of life.

Bicycle touring

Amateur cycling, Haute-Loire will seduce you. The effort is intense. It is true that marrying the little Queen with the South of the Auvergne is self-evident as the topography lends itself. Proposed circuits ranging from the promenade to the very sports course by hiking and roaming.

Bicycle touring

Aerial sports

Piloting of aircraft

Hot air balloon
Hot air balloon in Velay (Lola)
Baptisms of air.
Tel. 04 71 02 73 18

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon Club of Velay (Saint-Jeures)
Baptisms ballooning for individual or groups, training flights. Operating throughout the year. Organization of the international gathering of Puy-en-Velay, the weekend of the 11.11. Tel. 04 71 65 47 89

Rolls of le Puy (Chaspuzac)
Aerodrome Loudes.
Tel. 04 71 08 00 89

Piloting of aircraft

Aéroclub de Puy (Chaspuzac)
Baptisms by plane, flights of discovery, school of flying an aircraft: initiation and development, preparation of patents, nights flights.
Tel. 04 71 08 60 59

Aerocopter of le Puy (Chaspuzac)
Aerodrome Loudes.
Tel. 06 08 28 32 63

Flying the Velay gliding Centre
Baptisms, initiation and improvement to the practice of gliding, glider pilot's preparedness.
Tel. 04 71 09 28 08

Flying the wings of Loudes : baptisms by plane, flights of discovery, school of flying an aircraft: initiation and development, preparation of patents, nights flights.

Le Puy-en-Velay - Loudes airport.
Tel. 04 71 02 52 74 06 63 15 34 73 or 04 71 04 04 70

Piloting of aircraft
Model Club Vellave: Fly to Chaspuzac (aerodrome Loudes) Club - information, discovery, initiation, training with instructors graduates. [Tel. 04 71 07 94 98] - website
Centre of gliding (Chaspuzac)
Loudes airport.

Tel. 04 71 08 05 21

Club of male birds of the Haute-Loire (paragliding)
Chaspi'bar - Bourg 43700 Chaspinhac
Tel. 04 71 02 65 99


Located 2 km from the clos of the red stones Vernet site offers you the pleasure of a day recreation in a family setting and unmatched tranquillity.
Association of the northern site of the Durande (Alt. 1100-1300 m).
18 km of pistes traced and marked cross-country skiing and 10 km of pistes plotted rackets.
Rental skis, Snowshoes and sleds. Operation if snow on Saturday, Sunday and on request for the week.
Contact: Christian Bouchit 04 71 08 00 26


Le South of Auvergne, traversed by the Loire and Allier, is equipped with an extensive network of more than 600 rivers and streams classified for the most part in the 1st fish category.

Fish stands are abundant and varied:

for the salmon: salmon Atlantic, trout fario (the Queen of the waters), sky, Grayling, trout rainbow trout.
for predators: Pike, pike perch, perch.
for cyprinids: Stud, Minnow, bleak, Chub, carp, tench, barbeau, hotu.
for crustaceans: white-clawed crayfish and Crayfish (in some streams)

Natural or artificial plans complete the range of fishing courses:

Lac du Bourget, lac du Bouchet, chosen of Lavalette, Saint-Préjet-d'Allier...

Fishing year-round:

one card allows thanks to an almost general reciprocity between companies, to operate on almost all of the Department (in the second category if they fish using a regular line (free for children under 12 years old).
For holders of the card of another Department, with stamp of the Club fisheries, fishing practice for free.
For tourists, a holiday card allows fishing 15 consecutive days between June 1 and September 30.


The Museum of the resistance of the mont Mouchet

Mont-Mouchet, high place of Resistance in Auvergne.

It is at the foot of one of the principal summits of the Margeride lies the Glade of Mont Mouchet.

Place of memory, it is a great testament to the tragic events of the second world war.

surrounded by lush greenery, the clearing of the Mont-Mouchet offers an exceptional place of rest and relaxation

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